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Screening Instrument Development

This study, including sites in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, will recruit 12,000 adolescent and young adult participants with the aim of developing a screening designed to identify non help-seeking community youth who may benefit from further attention.


Currently, we focus entirely on help-seeking individuals, but by the time they come into the clinic it is most often quite late.  We would be able to help people more effectively, and understand causes of psychiatric illness better if we could get them identified as early as possible.  In the first study of its kind, we develop a short screener designed for variety of primary care or educational settings, that will alert youth, parents and practitioners that more in-depth screening might be required.  

Interested in participating?

This study will involve a step where participants will be invited to complete a series of questions online, and a subsection of these individuals will be invited to come into the lab for a follow-up interview. 

If you are 16-17, please click HERE.

If you are 18-30, please click HERE.


For completing the online questionnaire, all participants will receive a $10 gift card and chance to come in for the second step of the study. This follow-up interview is compensated $100. 

Who will be a good fit for the study?

Eligible individuals are between ages 16 and 30 and meet the following:

  • Live in the greater Chicago, Philadelphia, or Baltimore areas.

  • Have normal or corrected vision.

  • Able to read and speak English.