January 2016, Brain Stimulation

In January 2016, we will begin an initial project designed to test the feasibility of locating adolescents and young adults who are exhibiting prodromal syndromes.  This data will serve as a basis for future studies (where it will be necessary to estimate recruitment numbers per year).  Participants will be given feedback about high-risk conditions and will be provided a tailored referral to an provider or study that is appropriate to each individual's unique symptoms and characteristics.  Sources in our extensive referral network include paid and sliding scale providers as well as Chicago Early Intervention Network research and treatment sites, the Stone Institute for Psychiatry, or other referral sources that are appropriate for any respective symptoms or clinical issues. 

In July 2016, we will begin an exercise intervention study in Chicago.  Details about the parallel study in Boulder Colorado can be found here: http://www.adaptprogram.com/exercise-intervention/

In September 2017, we will begin a series of pilot studies examining markers of frontal-subcortical and cerebellar function such as cognitive, emotive, and motor behaviors, are influenced by immune and hormone mediators, in the context of adolescent and young adult brain development.