Have you, or a loved one, experienced troubling thoughts, unusual perceptions, or difficulty relating to others? 

Has this affected performance at school or work, and impacted relationships with others?

ADAPT may be able to help.

The ADAPT lab is a research clinic that evaluates adolescents and young adults who are experiencing unusual thoughts, suspiciousness, unusual perceptions, as well as changes in social and academic or career performance.  Together we can work to better understand and treat these experiences and improve quality of life. 

ADAPT has locations in Evanston and Chicago Illinois, and is dedicated to taking knowledge generated from basic research, and translating it to improve early detection and develop innovative and effective interventions.

Participants receive paid compensation, and we work with individuals and their families to provide expert feedback as well as tailored referrals for treatment.  We also work with referring experts to develop case conceptualizations and tailored suggestions.

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